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Brianna Rooney
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86% of the most qualified candidates for your open positions are already employed and not actively seeking a new job?

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Brianna Rooney

Hi, I’m Brianna Rooney

…founder of Techees. I began my successful technical recruitment agency over ten years ago in the Bay Area. In a nutshell, I bring talented engineers together with companies of all sizes. But I do much more than that. I solve the tough vacancy issues at some of the biggest tech firms in the industry. I solve employment problems for tech startups that don’t even know what they need yet. I’m a problem solver.

If you know anything about California, you know it’s one of the most competitive business markets in the country. Yet, during the past decade, I’ve become a leader in the tech recruitment field. Clients call me the “ultimate matchmaker.” I’ve generated millions of dollars for me and my company. One of my secrets to my success is hard work and being an expert listener, negotiator and mediator. Objectivity is key.

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Did you know . . .

* 44% of job applicants are found to be unqualified
* 75% of recruiters cite unqualified candidates as their biggest challenge
* It takes an average of 3-6 weeks to finalize an offer, after which time most top candidates are likely to move on
* 55% of applicants abandon applications after reading negative reviews, and only 45% of employers ever monitor or address those reviews online
* 86% of recruiters and 62% of employers feel the labor market is candidate-driven

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