Most people are asked what their dream job is, at some point during the interview process or during their career. It’s a tricky question! Do you really want to tell the truth and blow your chances of getting hired? But is the prospect of working eight straight hours every day boggling your mind?

An eight-hour workday, for a lot of people, doesn’t work and here’s why; if you’re always on, you are going to burn out. There are jobs and careers that give you the freedom to work fewer hours during the day and put more energy into what you’re doing! Compacting your work time can be empowering.

Doing the exact same thing over and over, day in and day out is exhausting. You’ll tear your hair out. But working on your own schedule gives you more flexibility to build more roles and be more flexible. Cut out the demands of an eight-hour day and you have a chance to be more stimulated and motivated. You’ll find you can accomplish extraordinary things in less time.

The other thing is, work isn’t the only thing going on in your life. There’s other stuff to do. Perhaps you’ve got to get the kids to school, or little league practice, anything. Life is full. You need more flexibility so maybe you can get your work done early in the morning, later at night, or in between taking your kid to and from each activity. It’s crazy how our bosses want to keep us locked up in the office all day and throw away the key!

But you don’t have to live this way. This lifestyle isn’t for everybody and it’s not a destiny for anybody. Do you spend half your weekend dreading Monday? Does your job totally bore you? Is your boss or manager constantly on your back? Then break free and find something that truly drives your passion.

Being a go-getter is considered a career asset, but it doesn’t always work in an office setting. If you are passion- and money-driven, organized, a good listener and self-marketer, and are personable, I have a career path that might be right for you—recruiting!

You can be your own boss, strive to make your clients happy, and really help people along the way. I have the perfect solution if you want to learn how to become a recruiter. As a tech recruiter for over 11 years, I create my own schedule and live the life I want to live. I take my laptop with me and spend much of my day working on my own schedule.

There’s no reason you can’t reach the level of success I have. I’ll even show you how in my e-Course, The Millionaire Recruiter. Step by step videos will show you effective strategies, how to fully understand resumes and job descriptions, conduct interviews, and make full use of LinkedIn. You’ll learn how to continue working with an employee long after they’re hired and I’ll even provide you with email and contact templates you can use every day, plus all kinds of content you can download for free after sign up.

But don’t be misguided. Becoming a technical recruiter is hard work. Just follow my course content and advice and you can break free of the eight-hours-a-day, five-days-a-week grind. Order my e-Course now online and receive your first module free, or talk to me online or by sending an email to