Are you looking for that dream career with the flexibility and pay you deserve? Instead of working 9-to-5 and job-hunting for positions you despise, why not build a career helping others find the job they have always wanted too?

Here are some reasons I think you should consider recruiting:

You Have What It Takes

If you’re a self-starter, you already have the motivation to succeed. Reaching out to candidates and staying on top of clients’ needs, while making the right connections, is a huge part of a recruiter’s job.

An outgoing personality, desire to build relationships, and passion for productivity make for a great recruiter. You thrive on making connections. Being open minded helps you spot the best candidates and use all available strategies, tactics, and technologies. You roll with the punches and are always ready to go!

Advantages of a Recruiting Career

If you’re looking to become a recruiter, here is why it’s an amazing career:

  • Helping people, while getting paid: Recruiters help qualified professionals find fulfilling jobs that make them happy. You might uncover skills a candidate didn’t know they had or educate them about the recruiting process, so they feel more at ease. Even if they don’t land a job right away, you can coach them in personal and career development.
  • Contributing to a company’s success: From start-ups to top companies, you’re there to find the best talent. Your efforts can help businesses complete projects on time and get products to market faster. The work you put in might turn a fledgling company into a pioneering organization that changes the world.
  • Opportunities to build your network: The employees you help will be grateful and hiring managers will thank you for helping build a strong team. The more people you help, the more opportunities you may have to recruit more talent and build your own recruiting business.
  • The pay is great: Negotiating compensation is one of the freedoms of recruiting. A mid-level corporate recruiter can make around $70,000 per year; tech recruiters can make even more. As an independent recruiter, you set a percentage of each hire’s first-year salary. Maintain a steady set of hires and make as much as possible.
  • Getting in is easy: If you’re wondering how to become a recruiter, there’s solace in knowing you don’t need a special degree or certification. Your skillset is the most important asset regardless of your background. With just a few weeks of training, you can start getting candidates hired and earning money.

How Do I Make More Money in Recruiting?

My e-Course is the perfect place to get started. First, I’ll show you what a good recruiter is and how tech companies operate and fill job roles. Then we’ll get into getting paid, using LinkedIn, and understanding resumes, job descriptions, interviews, and how to build lasting working relationships with candidates.

By the time you complete this e-Course, you should feel confident in your abilities and negotiating a commission that brings in the money you dreamed of.