The stats say it all. More than 90 percent of job seekers use mobile devices for their job search. Over half of them do so before they even get up for breakfast! You can see why conquering mobile recruiting is critical for your success as a recruiter. A potential candidate may be at their current job, commuting, in a restaurant, or at their local pub and searching for that dream job.

Integrating mobile into your recruiting strategy is easier than ever; you can upload job postings via phone, receive documents, and manage the entire application process from anywhere. So, therefore you can:

  • Communicate with candidates
  • Schedule interviews
  • Receive internal feedback
  • See/update LinkedIn profiles
  • Sort through resumes

These are just a few examples, as recruiting involves many activities. The best thing is that no matter where your candidate is, you can reach out to them. Did a position just open up that’s perfect for someone on your list? Send a message and let them know instantly, so you can take it to the next level.

In fact, over 1 billion job searches happen from mobile devices every month. Those stats are crazy! And mobile recruiting apps are making things so much easier. From one screen, you can create new job postings, view candidate profiles, and contact candidates directly. You can even forward information to hiring teams and manage job offers.

If you’re still wondering how to be a successful recruiter within the mobile world, here are a few more advantages:

  • Reach Out to Millennials: Millennials make up an estimated half of the workforce, and they love technology. Since most of them own a mobile phone, mobile-friendly content is essential. You also can obtain their information while on the go, making communication more convenient overall.
  • Mobile Is Closely Associated with Social Media: Job seekers often gravitate toward social media channels when job hunting. The earlier they are in their career, the more likely this is. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are just the tip of the iceberg; new social channels are popping up all the time.
  • An Improved Candidate Experience: The candidate experience is extremely important. It offers their a first-hand look into a company. The more you can accommodate their busy lives and be to-the-point, the more positive their perception will be.
  • Communicating via Text Message: When you send a text, chances are someone will read it. Texting is therefore effective for recruiting and engaging with a candidate. You can touch base with an applicant, schedule an interview or assessment, or keep them updated at any point in the recruitment process.
  • A Sense of Urgency: Mobile phone users check their device immediately when they feel it buzz or hear a notification. Of all methods, texting lets you reach out to candidates the fastest.
  • Video Interviewing: Video interviews are a really interesting part of mobile recruiting. They save time and there’s no need to travel. Going beyond email and texting is great because you can feel someone’s energy and if they’re a good fit. And, you don’t have to worry about a potential candidate being a no-show.

To put it short, everyone is on their phone! So why not conquer the job posting world on mobile? Mobile has made recruiting an industry with more chances and opportunities to succeed.  If you know you can kick ass at recruiting, my e-Course, “The Millionaire Recruiter” will provide you the tips and tricks to climb the ladder and double your money fast!