I often talk about how successful you can be with recruiting. But have you wondered why the need for headhunters are needed? For companies, it’s hard to find the best talent, no matter how the economy is. The hiring process can be time-consuming and expensive. A deluge of resumes and applications can overwhelm even the best-staffed HR departments.

And, of course, every company needs to fill the positions. The cost of keeping a position open, or making a bad hire, is extremely high. Fixing that is where your job as a recruiter comes in.

What Does A Recruiter Do?

Many jobs have a complex set of requirements. Sorting through a pool of candidates takes time, but a recruiter has the know-how to pick the best ones. They can build a job description and match skillsets and experiences with the requirements of the position.

A recruiter becomes a partner throughout the hiring process, conducting interviews, assisting and/or presenting the offer and dealing with the close. Recruiters can even find passive candidates not active on job boards. Nonetheless, they may be just right for the position.

How a Recruiter Can Help Companies

Other reasons a company needs recruiters include:

  • Avoiding Mistakes: During the hiring process, companies can’t risk lowering their standards, which can lead to reduced performance, increased staff turnover, and poor customer service. They also risk automatically choosing a candidate with the same profile they’re replacing or creating a job description for someone who doesn’t exist or wouldn’t be interested in the job.
  • Less Risk of Judgement Errors: A recruiting consultant who understands your company can avoid hiring based on love at first sight. Personality is important but so is someone’s technical skills and fit within the company culture. Candidates may also be judged on charm, tenure, similarity to others with the same background, or their manageability. Do you really want someone who always says “yes” or someone who is the best?
  • Defined Methodology: Recruiters know their process from start to finish, advising the company and acting as a consultant to the candidate. They can be a salary negotiator too. Advice, company information, and a broader picture of opportunities are available. A recruiter will also gather information about the candidate for the company. They can explain a candidate has multiple offers and provide a choice of alternatives—just in case.
  • Industry Insights: A recruiter has knowledge of the client’s industry and the employment marketplace in general. They’re familiar with the top companies and talent, and what each is doing. Partnering with a recruiter provides a company with the information they need.
  • Time Savings: The time it takes to recruit candidates can consume valuable time, interfering with everyday tasks and reducing productivity.

A recruiter has the means at their disposal to source the top candidates, including their current pipeline, own network and referrals.

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