• When you’re a full desk recruiter — You work with the client and the candidates. You know how to get Clients.


    • When you’re the top full desk biller.


    • You not only know how to do full desk well, but you bring in the most in the office.


    • When you have zero fear that you can handle all aspects of the business — You will be put in all sorts of situations and do things you either don’t know how to do or don’t want to do. For example, I had never started an office from scratch when it comes to the IT part. My old business partner took care of that. There is always a learning curve.


    • When you have access to fall back money of some kind, even if it’s just a credit card — When you leave a commission job, you don’t get all your money when you leave like a normal job. You have to wait until the contract is full filled (the guarantee). So you’ll need to make sure that’s not the money you’re counting on. It doesn’t take a lot to start but it can get uncomfortable if you don’t have money to pay your normal living expenses.


  • When you’re really ready to not have a fallback plan — This goes back to the no fear but slightly different. You might think this isn’t responsible. That you should have every “what if” situation planned out. NO! this is the time you know you will NOT fail. Therefore, spend all your mental energy on succeeding.

I was a recruiter for almost 2 years. Yes, I was the top biller and full desk from the start. I was fearless and never fully thought things through. Some find that irresponsible. I find that to be my biggest strength. I operate on instinct. I had my Macy’s credit card and went for it. Almost 10 years later, BEST thing EVER!

I want to hear your story. Are you ready? What do you need to do to be ready? I’m here to help!

Brianna, your success partner in crime