What Life Movement Will You Make In 2019?

How Do You Make Your Goals and Set Yourself Up For Success?

Write down 5 things you really want to accomplish. Make it realistic but push yourself. As you do them, add more, but never more than 5. It’s too overwhelming. Write them down and make sure you see them at least 8 hours a day.

Here’s mine in no particular order:

  • Expand Techees successfully
  • Speak conversational Spanish
  • Learn to finally control how fast I eat
  • Build my Sayulita property and stay in it for at least a month
  • Learn to let people do things for me. I don’t have to do it all on my own for no reason

I’ve grown Techees before and it didn’t work out. I learned a lot. I’m all about quality, not quantity. Now I know how to control growth, so I’m back at it again. We have way too much business to not expand. We open the new office January 14th! Yay!

I’ve put on my post it every year for 8 years, “speak fluent Spanish”. Yet that is too high of a goal. I need to take steps. So, this year I wanted to be realistic. I want to be able to communicate in Spanish and have more conversations.

Huge problem! I eat so super-fast! I always have, and now that I have two kids it’s faster than ever. You learn a lot about yourself when you have kids. Your good and bad habits/traits. My son is 5, and now eating fast like me. The bottom line, it’s not good for him or anyone. I will slow down this year and set a good example.

I spent 3 months in Sayulita last year and worked remotely. It was a dream! So, we bought land and now starting to get permits to build. I want to focus on getting that done and then I want my family to stay there for at least a month. Dream comes true!

Last but certainly not least. I need to learn to let people help me. When people say, “do you need any help?”. My immediate thought is, no of course not, I can do anything. If I admit I need help, it feels like I’m admitting I’m not capable. But that’s not the case. Why go out if my way to put too much on my plate. Working as a team at work or in my personal life is something I should embrace and do.

What are your 5 things you want to accomplish? Share! I know this is personal, but if you put it out there, with no shame, then you’re finally telling the universe, “yes I can!”. Be self-aware and don’t be embarrassed about anything. If you’re taking steps to better yourself and your life, then you’re on the right track.

Cheers! Your Success Partner in Crime

Brianna Rooney