I get asked a lot, what is the best time of the year to make the most money as a recruiter? People tend to think that means, joining as a recruiter must be during the same time. That is not true at all.

The best time to start being a recruiter is in January and the best time of year to make money as a recruiter is the 4th quarter. Which is now.

Here’s the deal. Like anything, there is a ramp up time. The beauty of being a recruiter is our ramp-up time is quick and you can still make money while you’re doing it. You start the job almost the second you get in the door. You train as you go.

At the beginning of the year, the budgets for hiring restart. Same with the budgets for recruiters. Which means they tend to be pickier in the New Year. Yet, a lot of people start looking because it’s their New Year’s Resolution. Plus, they either just got their bonus, or they are about to.

The reason you don’t want to start in the busiest time is that it’s the hardest time to be a recruiter. Budgets are huge (bigger payout), schedules are getting hard with the holidays and the competition between clients are fierce. Every engineer has multiple offers which means, you need to be on alert. The recruiter roller coaster I talk about is at it’s craziest.

I never train during the 4th quarter. Yet, I am interviewing to get ready for the next year. All reports and all signs are pointing to 2019 being significantly better than the last. So instead of taking a holiday nap, it’s time to get your laser focus on. Take the course, study up and get ready for the New Year. This is your moment to take your life, your career, and your bank account to the next level.

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