Trends associated with company culture are continually evolving. The same can be said for the methods in which companies hire new talent. One approach that is becoming increasingly common is โ€˜collaborative recruitingโ€™, also referred to as โ€˜team hiringโ€™. This essentially encourages other employees to be more involved in the hiring process and turns every team member into an in-house recruiter.ย 

Made popular by the likes of Steve Jobs and Richard Branson, as the ultimate way to hire the brightest minds, collaborative hiring has become more than just a buzzword. Top firms have chosen to abandon traditional hiring models and have embraced collaborative recruiting tactics as a way to promote team involvement and participation.ย 

As Jobs once explained, โ€œWhen we hire someone, even if they are going to be in marketing, I will have them talk to the design folks and the engineers.โ€ So what exactly does team hiring entail, and how should companies shift towards this new norm to help strengthen their team?ย 

What Is Collaborative Recruiting?

Collaborative recruitment is based on the theory that a companyโ€™s success is determined by the strength of the relationships throughout every position. When you treat the hiring process as a collaborative effort, you allow employees from every background and skill level to contribute to the hiring process. This affords everyone an opportunity to ask questions and offer different points of view, which would normally be entirely exclusive to upper management.ย ย 

Redesigning an entire hiring model can seem daunting to those that are stuck in the past. 

For less adventurous minds who think that change is the enemy, collaborative hiring may seem like a fluke that is only suitable for businesses in Silicon Valley. While there is data to suggest otherwise, it is easy to see why the concept requires a little bit of massaging before it is adopted company wide.ย 

Collaborative recruiting, or team hiring, is most apparent during the interview process. Employees from every department will be hands-on in the screening process, evaluation and even the selection process. The common theme being that even though not every employee works directly with each other, the new hire will still be part of the overall team, and everyone should have some say in that selection process.ย 

Benefits of Collaborative Hiring

The most obvious benefit of including your entire team during the hiring process is that it reduces the workload on company recruiters. Additionally, hiring new people becomes a much more intimate and interactive experience when there is a collaborative effort steering the process.ย 

  • Selling Point for New Talent – During the interview process, potential candidates are sizing up the company they are interviewing with as well. For highly sought after candidates, taking part in a collaborative hiring process can be viewed as a major selling point for the company. They are far more likely to join a team with a collaborative work environment, rather than a company that is disjointed and lacks camaraderie. 
  • Diverse Perspectives – Through the team hiring process there will be a wealth of varying perspectives of what the new candidate should offer and what the new role should look like. It also ensures that whomever is chosen will transition into the collective with ease. Conversely, what one person may not see as a red-flag, another may pick up on. Having multiples points of view will help decrease the number of bad hires as well. 
  • Easier On-Boarding – The collaborative hiring process creates a sense of ownership and responsibility amongst those involved. Team members are more inclined to help train, teach, and mentor new candidates that they had a hand in hiring. The new candidate can step into their new role with confidence that they have a support system surrounding them. This will almost guarantee a seamless transition for all involved. 
  • Expedites the Hiring Process – Todayโ€™s hiring market is fast-paced. Having too much lag time in between the initial interview and deciding on a candidate, could mean you miss out on the best fit for the gig. Collaborative hiring can really help hasten the hiring process. When there are more minds offering insightful perspectives on the new hire, the more likely you are to decide on a candidate and get busy on-boarding them. 
  • Brings the Existing Team Closer Together – A collaborative hiring process can really bring your team together. When managers and employees come together to own the hiring process as a whole, it creates a tangible sense of teamwork throughout all departments.   
  • Collaboration Helps Improve the Culture – This is one of the biggest benefits of team hiring. A collaborative hiring process can really bring your team together. When managers and employees come together to own the hiring process as a whole, it creates a tangible sense of teamwork throughout all departments.   

It is the consensus of most business owners the enacting a collaborative hiring process can be a huge win for a company overall. Even the most staunch of skeptics have wound up supporting the measure to boost morale, enhance company culture and secure fresh talent.ย 

Cultivating a sense of community is key to keeping the brightest minds locked-in and excited about working for you. Adding more voices to the hiring process will promote a more engaging work environment and help blur, in a beneficial way, the hierarchical divides that can work to stymie open communication and trust.ย 

Companies like Google, Apple and even Twitter, have all adopted collaborative hiring habits. By implementing a team hiring process firms increase the likelihood that their company will recruit better performing employees that will be there for the long haul.ย ย 

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