1. Strong passion for money. You must be money motivated


2. You must want more out of life and be willing to work for it


3. You must have thick skin. There’s no room for sensitivity on the sales floor


4. You have to embrace change. Sales is a rollercoaster. No getting motion sick


5. You have to think on your feet. You can never be trained for every situation


6. You have to constantly want to learn from others


7. Don’t reinvent the wheel, just shine it up and add your pizazz


8. Can never fear failure


10. You have to enjoy and understand the high in order to understand the low


11. You must have a positive but realistic outlook on life

Really the list goes on and on. These just happen to be my top 10 MUST haves, not negotiable. I have seen a lot of recruiters come and go. So far I have a perfect record (knock on wood). Everyone I had a gut feeling was going to be good, is great. Everyone I wasn’t sure about, proved my gut right. You’ll hear me say often, “always trust your gut”.

If you hit all 10 of these, you better go on TheMillionaireRecruiter.com and start making your dreams come true. On your way to sweet success.