Ah the age old question, “What is happiness?” People have been in the pursuit of happiness since the dawn of time. Thousands of scientific studies, self help books, clerics, gurus and prophets have all taken a swing at explaining the dynamics of happiness. While all of these are helpful references, it can only get you so far. It still doesn’t answer the more personal question, “What is happiness to you? What makes you happy?”

The short answer is… It is up to you! And before you go jumping off the mental cliff with swirling thoughts of private islands or fountains of chocolate, you may want to consider a few things on a deeper level. Finding happiness has more to do with gratitude than it has to do with monetary gain or the traditional definition of success. 

What is Your Passion? It is important to find the things, activities and interactions that make you light up and then apply them to every aspect of your life. In other words, do more of what makes you happy. As a society we have a tendency to forego our personal interests in pursuit of more career driven endeavors, which isn’t a bad thing, but could wind up cheating you out of finding what really drives you. We chalk our personal interests up to hobbies and selflessly place them on the backburner for a later date. By no means does that suggest that you shouldn’t be a goal oriented person or career driven individual. What it proposes is that you may be able to parlay your passions into a career and create real earning potential for yourself. Maybe it is time to unravel these limiting thoughts and reveal a clearer path to happiness. A path that unites your passion with your career path. That is when your life truly starts to open up. 

 The Millionaire Recruiter team places great importance on happiness. Our passion is helping others find their true calling in life, so allow us to help you begin living a more fulfilling professional life. 

Managing Expectations. Suggesting that we should set our internal dials to mediocre isn’t the goal, but we should know how to properly manage expectations. Knowing how to properly manage expectations should extend inward and jut out to encompass our personal and professional relationships. Sounds a little confusing, yes? Actually, there is some magic to this simple life hack. It isn’t to say we shouldn’t hold ourselves to a higher standard, but being an overachiever can set us up for something far worse, failure! The moment we leverage our peace of mind and happiness with reaching a desired outcome, internal chaos can ensue. There are some really simple tricks to avoid this very common pitfall. Don’t over commit yourself, but at the same time go the extra mile for others. This places you in an advantageous position. One of less pressure, while also giving yourself the freedom to over-deliver if you so choose to. That is how you properly manage expectations.  

Gratitude. Here at Millionaire Recruiter we can’t stress this word enough. Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude! Be happy with what you have. This also falls in line with managing your expectations. It isn’t to discourage you from reaching your desired goals, but more of an exercise in grace and internal peacefulness. Give yourself a moment to take inventory of the things that are good in your life. This allows you to clear a path to pinpoint the things that you want to change and move forward in a positive way to achieve your goals. 

Joy Breeds Good Health. A Harvard study that has been going on for the last 82 years has found that joy, not genes, is a vital element of a happy and healthy life. Concentrate on nurturing positive relationships in the workplace and in your personal life. Connectivity, communication and having a sense of community are all large contributors to leading a joyous and happy existence. 

In short, think of happiness as a broader concept. Take the linear view out of the equation and nurture your passions, relationships and what drives you. You may wind up living a much longer life if you flow with the stream, instead of against it. Remember that you are the author of your life. You get to write the next chapter and command the results that you desire. 

 The Millionaire Recruiter team places great importance on happiness. Our passion is helping others find their true calling in life, so allow us to help you begin living a more fulfilling professional life.