As a professional recruiter, being remembered is a very important part in keeping your business going. But how do you stand out in such a competitive industry? These recruiting tips will help make sure your clients and candidates never forget you.

Find a Specialty

You may be great at getting candidates hired no matter what type of job it is. However, if you’re advertising your expertise in so many fields, you may not be remembered easily. I’ll give you an example. By specializing in tech recruiting, I can cater to specific roles such as software engineers and/or mobile engineers. My clients know who to go to for filling roles, and candidates know I’m the one who can help.

Make It Personal

When having a conversation with a candidate, you don’t want to come off boring. Someone looking for a job may like facts and figures but also talking about a company’s vision and mission can be more effective. What is the workplace you’re promoting like? The more a candidate knows about a company’s work culture and opportunities, the more interesting it will be.

Here’s where staying in touch with recent recruits helps. You can get inside information and, by maintaining the conversation, they’re likely to remember you (as, of course, you’re still talking to them!). Speaking of inside details, you can use insights from their LinkedIn profile to, for example, congratulate them on an accomplishment, so the conversation is more personal.

Make a Human Connection

If you run a business, you need to promote it. Everyone sees so many solicited emails and job postings, they may not even notice you. Have a conversation that allows you to make a meaningful connection with a client or candidate. The jobs you connect candidates with mean more than a paycheck. Most of their waking hours will be at this position and, as most of us in society, they’ll find self-identity and support for themselves and/or their families through it.

Have More to Offer

Contacting a candidate with a one time-sensitive position puts a lot of pressure on them. Let them know you’re looking to fill a variety of positions. Job candidates need to weigh the best possible options. You need to assure them, if they pass on one position, you have something else to offer. This lets them know you can help in the long run. It also increases the likelihood of referrals since, over the course of your communications, that person may mention you to friends and coworkers.

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