As “The Millionaire Recruiter”, I will discuss five fundamental ideas that can help you become the next great recruiter. I was able to double my recruiting business and have been thinking about what it takes to achieve success in the industry. These fundamentals don’t only apply to the tech industry, but to anyone looking to start or advance their recruiting career.

1. Understanding the Difference Between a Good and Placeable Resume

Although this isn’t always the case, good vs. placeable resumes can be two different things. You can get a great feel for a candidate via their LinkedIn profile, especially in the tech industry. Nursing, accounting, and other fields maybe not so much. But that all depends. A good resume demonstrates the skills and attributes you are looking for. The downside, great candidates can be hard to place due to the competition. A placeable resume differs in that the candidate may not have the best pedigree, but suited for that one position available.

2. Good Intake Conversation

The initial phone call with a candidate must reveal all their expectations. Achieving this requires training and overcoming your nerves, while finding your flow. Reading a candidate well can enable you to place them in a job they don’t know they want yet. Once you master the science of recruitment, you can get to know someone within 5 to 15 minutes.

3. Persuade Candidates to Speak with as Many Companies Through You as Possible

A candidate may be enthusiastic about their prospects after speaking to just one or two companies. That is not enough. If they get three offers from three different companies, you want those to come through you, so you have better chances of making a hire. A candidate can benefit from this thorough interview practice. Sometimes, they work on interview skills and, on top of being great at their job, go back to their favorite company and impress management with their improved ability to communicate and work under pressure.

4. Finding New Business While Keeping Regular Clients

When you have a pipeline of candidates, you will engage in conversations and interviews with them. Eventually, some will be hired and you’ll close on the deal. But you don’t just want to stop there. Getting a constant flow of business is something you can be trained at. The hiring manager you work with might have a technique for you to adopt. You can use this whenever your pipeline needs to be refreshed. Always re-evaluate the business you have and the potential that’s out there.

5. Be the Shoulder Your Candidate Leans On

From the interview process to receiving an offer, your candidates will rely on you for many things. Changing jobs is a big stressful step in their lives. As a recruiter, you may find yourself as their outlet, not their spouses or partners. No one wants to talk about work at the end of the day. You can be there to listen. And when you want a candidate to take your advice during offer time, it helps to have been there throughout the process.

These are all things you need to be well-trained in. Role-playing is great for practice, as are following all the recruiting tips I provide in my e-Course, “Recruiting Crash Course – 6 Week Bootcamp”. Whether you plan to work for a recruiting agency, for yourself, or further your career, consider signing up for my e-Course to get my invaluable advice.