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Strongly focused recruiter
with high degree of expertise.

Brianna is a strongly focused recruiter with a high degree of expertise. She is extremely enthusiastic about her work and fully dedicated to finding the job which suits customer needs to the finest detail. I would certainly recommend her as a recruiter and a person with whom is a pleasure to work with.

More than just a mere “recruiter,”
Brianna ensures people are happy!

Brianna is someone I have built a long-lasting work relationship over the past several years that I have been in the Bay Area. She’s helped me find new opportunities as well as new candidates for companies I have worked for. She’s extremely genuine and trustworthy. She’s more than just a mere”recruiter” since takes on much more responsibilities to ensure the people she works with are truly happy with the decisions they are making.

One of the most personable recruiters
I have seen in this industry.

Brianna is one of the most personable recruiters I have seen in this industry. She stayed in touch for several years without pushing on job search. One day she just hit me with an opportunity that I really liked and ended up accepting. I certainly enjoyed working with Brianna and thinking of her first when searching for good recruiters out there.


I’ve known Brianna for more than 5 years now, and so far she has found me two great positions. Unlike most other recruiters, she doesn’t bombard me with supposedly cool opportunities day in and day out. She rather has taken the time to keep in touch with me about my life and career. It’s comforting to know that she’s always there for me when I need her. I highly recommend Brianna and her team at Techees.

Best experience I’ve had
in the recruiting process

One of the best experiences I’ve had within the recruiting process. Brianna is always on top of things, down to earth, and she genuinely looks out for the candidates best interests. Always resourceful and a pleasure to speak to I would definitely reach out to Brianna in the future.

Working under Brianna
was absolutely amazing!

Working under Brianna was absolutely amazing! Such a positive, energetic, and honest person. A great leader that can always find a way to relate to anyone. Hands down, one of the top 2 bosses that I’ve ever worked for. Every day was action-packed and filled with endless laughter. I never knew that working behind a computer could be so much fun! Thumbs up to Brianna & Techees!
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With over 12 years of experience, Brianna is the leader in the recruiting industry and teaches people how to start a recruiting career or accelerate their earnings within their current recruiting job.

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Thinking about becoming a recruiter? Learn the simple steps to becoming a recruiter (even if you have no experience in the industry), and how to start making serious money within your first year doing it.

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