Are you tired of the 9-to-5 grind and always answering to your boss? There may be a better way. It can be hard to find success with an employer, but becoming a recruiter allows you the freedom to succeed the way you have always wanted to. The harder you work, the more money you can make!

But you’re not going to find success by isolating yourself. As an entrepreneur, you need to surround yourself with successful people. Why is this? Well, you’re always influenced by the people around you. If there are positive influencers in your circle, you’ll be more motivated and confident. Number two, you have expert advice to build upon as you learn.

So, it’s not so much about figuring out how to succeed, but the people you most associate with. Who are these people? Here are some positive attributes to look for:

Hard Workers

It helps to know someone who is relentless, who pushes hard day after day, especially if you are too. You’re not necessarily measuring their success against yours. However, you can feed off their drive, passion, and commitment, which is what it takes to build a business.

A Positive Attitude

No one wants to hang out with a Negative Nancy. Life is tough and being surrounded by people who bring you down doesn’t help. But if you are happy, chances are you’ll do better. Find positive role models who know the right attitude for success.


You should always ask questions about yourself and your business. Now you can’t possibly think of every question yourself, which is why having a lot of people around asking different questions is great. You might see a problem from a different perspective or breakthrough on a different idea. These new perspectives may take your career to the next level.

Big Planners

Connecting with a dreamer, no matter what industry they are in, can provide a glimpse into their drive and energy. This can translate into an unquenchable desire to reach for your goals. Therefore, try to surround yourself with people who have similar goals, and those who don’t let anything get in the way of achieving what they want.


You may think you’re smart, but don’t always try to be the smartest person in the room. The people around you—friends, family, teachers, and mentors—should challenge you. Having smarter folks around is not a bad thing. These are the people who can provide a positive influence, help raise your expectations, and realize you’re capable of more than previously thought.

Work with Your Successful Mentors

Surrounding yourself with successful individuals is more effective if you develop relationships with them. It’s easy to shoot out emails and reach out on LinkedIn. But you should start a “real-life” conversation and talk to someone who has the same goals as you. You can learn from their mistakes and receive tips and tricks to possibly reach these goals even faster.

Shadowing a recruiter is another good strategy. You may not yet know the game, but you can certainly watch and learn. Even if you don’t know anyone you can connect with personally, you have the whole Internet and other forms of media. Listen to a podcast, read a book, sign up for an e-course like mine “Recruiting Bootcamp” and/or subscribe to my YouTube channel, The Millionaire Recruiter, to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of being a recruiter. The right content from the right people can make all the difference in the world.

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