Landing the right career and making money is about following your calling. No matter what you do, you’re going to have to work hard and go with the flow. For me, finding my way into tech recruiting happened early, but not soon enough. I studied fashion design but didn’t have the dough to open up the boutique I longed to have. Bartending was fun but not going to get me where I needed to be.

Fate brought me into recruiting and it’s worked out ever since. It’s a great job—set your own hours, work hard, and make money. But should you walk out on a steady job like I did? It worked for me, but do you have what it takes to start your own business? For starters, it’s not easy, and there is no get-rich-quick formula to follow.

Take it from me, a job that lets you sit with your laptop, wherever you want, is amazing. But are you ready for it? Here are the most common signs your job is holding you back:

  • Mondays suck
  • There aren’t any opportunities for growth
  • It’s a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle
  • You don’t feel challenged
  • You do things the easiest way possible
  • Your job doesn’t allow you to have your own life

You should have a clear picture of what to do at work, even if you don’t like it. If not, it’s probably the wrong job and you need something more challenging and motivating, and something that perhaps pays better.

Challenge, fulfillment, motivation, and good pay are possible. I’ve found these as a tech recruiter. It is possible to live your life the way you want to. Trust me. But it is hard work. Your passion is important, but probably not enough. Being money driven is something I’ve found goes a long way!

To start a business, you need:

  • A plan: Once you learn about your product or service, profile your audience, and research your competitors, you’ll have to see how you’ll sell and market your business. Your business plan is your blueprint to success. A lot to take in? Sure, but you won’t get far without thinking ahead.
  • Funding: You need a source of money. Everyone has rent, phone bills, and insurance to pay for. If you have savings, that’s fine. Another way to go is with an investor, but keep in mind you may owe them later. If you can get a grant, then goodie! You’re ahead of the game!
  • Structure: On the technical side, you must establish a legal structure. It’s mostly about paying taxes but there can be other business issues that factor in. Most businesses are corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, or sole proprietorships. Also, if you know someone who can connect you with an accountant or marketer, great!

Then there are important things like office space, your resume, and portfolio. You can’t leave any of these things out. Resumes? Yes, they’re just as important for business as finding a job. A resume/portfolio is proof you’re serious and good at what you do.

Don’t think of starting a business as an escape from work. It’s not. If recruiting is where you see yourself, check out my e-Course, The Millionaire Recruiter. I can walk you through everything you need to know about targeting candidates, getting paid, using LinkedIn, and interviewing and building relationships with candidates.

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