1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is by far the best tool out there. I’ve tried them all. Entelo, StackOverflow, Talentbin, Connectifier, etc. they suck! Technically Connectifier is now owned by LinkedIn but that’s only because they were able to hack into their API and use their information. They had no chose but to buy them.

2. My Database

My database which I grew to a little over 10,000 of the Best Engineers

3. My ADHD

My ADHD. I go on tangents, or “rabbit holes” as I call them. Of course you want purpose when you’re searching. Yet, you want to keep an open mind. If you see a company you’ve never heard of that has the right type of engineers, you stop and “rabbit hole”. Pop up a new page and bring up all those engineers at that company. Pay attention to patterns. There’s no such thing as a coincidence

4.CrunchBase Daily

CrunchBase Daily. I get an email every morning about what’s happening in the tech world. Whose getting funding, whose going IPO, whose laying people off, etc. knowledge is powerful and it gives you clues as what to do next

5. My Team

My team. Everyone has a different approach, a different way of thinking or doing something. Pay attention to what they are finding out, what candidates they are talking to etc. talk amongst each other. That always seems to spark something brilliant. Yes, a tangent