Are you currently in recruiting and not satisfied with your salary or the commission you’re getting? All too often recruiters are stuck with a low commission or lousy base pay. I always encourage my success partners in crime who want to know how to make more money. It’s doable, believe me. Knowing your worth is the first step; then you can find out how much you can make in my e-Course, “The Millionaire Recruiter”.

So, just what is worth? Is it your worth in a company, or your self-worth? Well, it’s both. To gauge your worth as an employee or any type of professional, you need to:

  • Figure out what your responsibilities and services are worth
  • Know what skills and abilities you have to offer
  • See how your abilities compare to others in your line of work

You might also gauge worth by the salary you earn. To do that, you need to research the marketplace and look at what other people who have similar jobs are earning. You can then find the market rate for your skills and the work you do. But remember job titles can be misleading and don’t always correspond with the same responsibilities across companies. Salaries also differ depending on company size, industry, and location.

I must also stress that you can earn more as a freelance recruiter and not being limited by salary caps and low commissions.

There Is Worth Within Yourself

Once again, knowing your worth is critical to being successful.

Worth is a lot about how you see yourself. Self-worth matters as it empowers you to be your best. As a recruiter, you are in control of your own destiny, so you want to feel that confidence no matter what anyone else says.

Always show the best parts of yourself. Embrace your strengths, but also accept your weaknesses; only then can you improve upon them and gain newfound strengths that can take your success to a higher level. Then look at what you’ve accomplished. Focus on the positives and you should see your self-esteem grow.

Now you should know what kind of value you can bring to an employer or a client. Always carry that with you and stay close to your network. The feedback of those around you can reveal where you need to improve and what you’re excelling at. If you keep bettering yourself and doing the best you can, your worth will follow.

Bring Your Worth to the Table

Let me go back to recruiting, which is a lucrative field. Don’t know how to get into it or is fear holding you back? As always, start at the beginning and learn all you need to know with the help of my e-Course. Things just sort of fell into place when I met a recruiter, and the rest is history. Now I can work when I want, where I want, and there’s no reason you can’t do the same.

“How do I double my money?” you may ask. I’ll show you everything you need to know about recruiting, from getting paid to conducting interviews, to using LinkedIn to your advantage and maintaining a working relationship with job candidates. And yes, you’ll soon set your own schedule, find valuable job candidates, and make more than you even expected!