As a recruiter, you can get by with a solid resume, job description, interviewing, and social media skills. But going from good to great takes more than basic skills. To consistently make great hires and meet your goals, you’ll need to improve on several personal attributes.

How to Become a Better Recruiter

Have you taken a free online e-course for recruiting and thought you got all the information you needed to start making good money? A majority of existing recruiters didn’t get proper training or any training AT ALL!  How are you supposed to be successful if you aren’t taught how to tackle the ins and outs of the recruiting world? My Recruiter’s Crash Course goes over and educates you about all the missing pieces of the puzzle.  The following personal qualities provide important aspects of being that successful recruiter you know you CAN and WILL be:

Relationship Building

One of the best recruiting tips I can offer is to develop long-term relationships with the candidates you accept and those you reject. Rejection is a part of recruiting; you’ll do it more than not. Refining your communication strategy can help. Rather than making impersonal phone calls, send personalized emails that engage candidates, and include specific details from previous conversations.

Make It Personal

Recruiting requires learning as much as possible about candidates. The goal is to bring a personal touch to every interaction. If a candidate is rejected, suggest improvements so you might help them get hired next time. Don’t forget to highlight their strengths. A personal approach also helps you find the best fit hiring managers are looking for.

Embrace Technology

Over my years in tech recruiting, I’ve found it important to roll with the punches. This is important since technology is always changing. But when you use technology to your advantage, you have tools that improve communication and provide each candidate the attention they deserve. Also, be open minded about using LinkedIn, social media, and mobile apps to enhance the experience.

Handle Conflicts and Disagreements Like a Pro

A great recruiter can listen to hiring managers, work with their demands, and understand the client’s hiring process. Achieving a balance enables you to find qualified candidates and spot those who might struggle with the position or company in the future. A minor conflict might unveil signs of a cultural misfit. Or, despite current disagreements, a candidate might fit in well later. Therefore, recruiters must collaborate with hiring managers and be sensitive to their demands.

Excel at Marketing

One of a great recruiter’s roles is to find and employ marketing tactics that work. To do that, you must learn about human psychology. Your role as a marketer plays out at recruitment events, in your daily communications, and during interviews. Recruiters must market their expertise and become influencers, salespeople, and great negotiators and networkers.

Be Self-Motivated

You need to be a go-getter to take recruiting to the next level. If you make a mistake, learn from it; if you fail, pick up the pieces and move forward. When you fail to reach a goal, figure out where you went wrong and try again. Also, stay updated on the latest trends and best practices, so you are more valuable to clients.

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