The Urban Dictionary defines ‘ghosting’ as, “A person that cuts off all communication with their friends or the person they’re dating, with zero warning or notice beforehand.” But like Bob Dylan said, “The times they are a changin’.” The term ‘ghosting’ is no longer just synonymous with dating, it now haunts the professional realm as well.

The way recruiters and job seekers interact is drastically different in 2019. So the obvious question becomes, why are candidates deciding to bail on recruiters without so much as a phone call, and what can be done to prevent candidate ghosting? 

Well, the general answer may have more to do with the way job seekers view themselves, and less to do with how they view recruiters. In the past one would apply for a job, interview, then get hired or receive a hard pass. It was a much simpler time.

Nowadays candidates are doing their due diligence, sleuthing out the reputations of recruiters and employers prior to their initial meeting. Viable hires have developed a renewed sense of confidence and are acutely aware of their value.

Just as much as employers want the crème de la crème of their industry, candidates want to be wooed by recruiters and employers in return. Both recruiters and employers need to find ways to make themselves more attractive to candidates. By engaging new hires on industry specific social platforms and expressing sincere interest in what personally drives them, recruiters can lessen the number of candidate no-shows. 

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Candidate Ghosting

Recruiters and employers once believed they were the one in the driver’s seat. While you could still argue that they are the ones in the most advantageous position, it may be flawed thinking. It is best to think of the candidate/recruiter relationship as a symbiotic one. Where both parties benefit from a successful outcome. Doing so can reinforce the presence of shared respect at the negotiating table.

Communication is Paramount – Yeah yeah, sounds like a canned answer, but it truly isn’t. Staying connected to valued assets is key to increasing in-person interactions. There are professional tools and casual avenues that make it easy to engage with candidates. Social media, mailing lists, ATS and CRM platforms allow recruiters to customize messages for specific hopefuls.

Build Personal Relationships – Again, seems a little like recruiter ‘fatal attraction’, but it is not! Creating and maintaining personal relationships with candidates only benefits you and the company you are entrusted with bringing talent to. In a society where more and more people aren’t willing to inconvenience themselves by commuting to meetings, making sure they know how much they are wanted is super important.

Remember to Let it Go! – Of course, no one wants to get ghosted by a candidate, but it happens. Keep in mind that even if you’re building solid relationships, having fluid communication and seemingly dishing out every advantage to recruits, some folks just won’t show up. Manage your expectations by being the best recruiter you can be. Be kind, read up on current hiring trends, stay informed on shifts in workplace culture. If you do your part, then you should see a decline in candidate ghosting. Sometimes a candidate not showing up is just a passive aggressive way of saying, “I’m not good for the gig!” So let them haunt the halls elsewhere. After all, there are plenty of bright minds out there that will be giving of themselves if you are as well.

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