Steady clients are key to a successful recruiting business. So, how do you keep in touch with a client after all available positions are filled?

Maintaining a relationship with client companies can boost your recruiting career. Therefore, focus your mindset here from the start or up your game as a professional recruiter. I will show you how this exciting aspect of recruitment can help you.

Let me paint this scenario. You’ve been working with a client and you’re so good, you’ve filled all their roles. Does that mean you’re so great, there’s no one else to hire? You might think, the client will reach out when they’re ready to hire again. Not a bad mindset. However, that’s not always true: the principle of “out of sight, out of mind” applies here. Despite your best efforts, a client may simply forget about you after the hiring is done.

Here’s how to ensure clients know you still exist:

Continue to Follow Up with Them

Once the candidate you placed starts their new position, continue to follow up with the client. For example, on Day 1, follow up when sending an invoice. Next, keep inquiring about how the person you got hired is doing at their job. Also, remind them that when they’re ready for another great candidate, you can help them.

Stay Connected on LinkedIn

There may be lots of people you know professionally and personally, but a LinkedIn connection is essential in today’s digital world. It can be easy to forget about this over the course of a busy day. Therefore, stay connected with direct contacts from the company and try to connect with others in the organization to build your network. Their posts and insights will appear on your feed, which you can like and respond to.

By following the company too, you can have a first-hand look into the news it publishes. Like and comment on its content as well. This essentially gives you face-time with them and an opportunity to be recognized. By building a digital rapport, the company may recognize your name, company, and brand and recall the fact you found them a great candidate.

Pick the Right Times to Reach Out

Companies plan their budgets on an annual basis, but refine their numbers during quarterly meetings. Reach out while budget meetings are taking place. This is when they’re talking about allocating funds for various purposes, including hiring. Try coming up with a reason why you thought about that company, whether you saw a news story or were in contact with someone you placed with them. The results may vary, but your contact might say they were thinking of posting a job description or getting in touch with you—thus you spark a conversation and a potential work opportunity.

Remember, even if you’re a great recruiter, a client may forget you because so much is going on. Perhaps they work with another recruiting agency as well. Most companies don’t work exclusively with a single recruitment person or entity. But neither do you. As a professional, you work with multiple clients and candidates. So, it’s important to find ways to spark conversations that put you in the loop and remind clients you’re always available to help.

There’s how to keep the conversation going once you fill all a client’s open roles. For more insights on this and other recruiting tips, sign up for my e-Course and feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments you may have.