head on a desk slumped


This happens to the best of us and will continue to happen. There are many tactics to try and prevent it. However, since you can never fully stop it, it’s best you know how to get out of it.

What do I consider a slump? Not one full time placement in 2 months. A good recruiter will come back from that and close 3 deals that next month putting them back on track. That very much can happen if you take the right steps.

To be a decent recruiter, you’re making one placement a month. A good recruiter is making 2 deals a month and a GREAT/Millionaire recruiter, is making 3 deals a month. Remember, that’s a yearly average. Every month is different. I don’t believe there is such thing as a “consistent” sales person. I wish!

What could be happening? Either you have offers and they aren’t getting accepted OR you’re just not getting offers. Obviously I’d rather have tickets to “the game” then be on the bench. Yet essentially, it’s the same thing. It all ends in heartache. Or bankache ?

Just like in dating, anyone that is desperate will never find their mate. Same goes in sales/recruiting. You get this stinky cologne. On paper this does not make sense, but it is true. I have had plenty of recruiters come back to me and admit I was right.

You must go into everyday KNOWING that it’s going to be a great day and amazing things will happen. If you think about anything negative, it will follow you. I believe negativity is the deadliest, most contagious disease.

Besides a slump being a mind game. It’s also important to reflect on who isn’t passing the interviews. Why aren’t your candidates taking the offer and is there any correlation? I don’t believe in a coincidence. There has to be a pattern/problem. Are your offers from the same company? Why don’t people like that company? Are your candidates too good? Too many other offers? Are your candidates not passing at just one company in particular? Or is it random? Are you not hitting your normal outreach? Why not? Getting lazy? There are many things you can fix. OR do you really do smell like Pepe Le Pew?

Worst case, your slump has come with no rhyme or reason. The only way out is a change in attitude, yes of course a smile and then double your outreach. Take your normal work flow and double it. Yeah, it’s a lot of work but guess what? It WILL pay off! 

You have to train yourself to not think about what could happen, but deal with what is happening. For example, you have someone going into their last round before offer, it’s looking good but no decision yet. STOP! Keep working and doing your fundamentals. You want to find as many good people as possible. You want to get them as many interviews as possible. You want to stay close to their process and their search. When you get them an offer, never are you to think. Ah! I haven’t closed the last three, I don’t know if I can handle another decline. Right there is too much negativity and brain space. You need to save your brain space for many other things.

If you’re too caught up in trying to “close a deal”, you won’t have enough brain power to pay attention to the leads you would have noticed with a clear mind. Closing a deal is too broad of a thought. You have to have goals that are more real and tangible. For example, Techees has a stat that has stayed true for almost 10 years. For every 20 interviews, there is a deal closed. By a sheer numbers game, it’s almost impossible to go that long without a deal. It all comes out in the wash. Now, assuming you’re really doing the work. Be self-aware and in doubt, double-time it.

Stop whining and get to work! Fake it till you make it! Stay away from the norm, and bug people with your positivity. You’ll win every single time. Then you can come join me, as The Millionaire Recruiter.