There’s so much involved in getting a job. Resumes, cover letters and, we can’t forget, interviews! But think about how we’re all consumed with social media. The recruiting world is no different. No matter what your line of work is, your LinkedIn profile is like a window into your professional life.

You may wonder how to create a LinkedIn profile to sell your skills and experience. It’s important to present yourself in the proper light. People study this stuff, and have found 77% of those who use the site research companies and other people! As recruiters, we get tons of leads on LinkedIn, so it’s important to nail your profile.

First Impression

First impressions always count, and this is all but true on LinkedIn, so you need a:

  • Headline with active language that communicates your value.
  • Good, inviting, solo picture of you; viewers are 11 times more likely to check your profile.
  • Creative background photo that reveals more about you.

Also make your email address visible; people may want to chat with you directly.

Talk About Yourself

You may be a little shy or one who loves to go on and on about your accomplishments. No matter what, you must put your professional skills in a good light. If these are visible, your profile is 13 times more likely to get views. That’s a lot!

And you shouldn’t end there. Promote your best projects with links to websites, photos, writings, and anything you’ve done that you want prospective employers to see.

The same goes for awards, honors, and volunteer work. Believe it or not, LinkedIn is a place you have bragging rights, but think of it as an advertisement for your professional life. People viewing your profile want to learn everything about you, what you’ve done, and what you might do for them.

Be Active

Assert yourself on LinkedIn by joining industry or niche groups. It will help you get noticed by professionals in your field of interest. Continue sharing your interests even if you don’t necessarily have a professional background in them. Your hobbies and interests can help others connect with you as an individual.

Also, make LinkedIn a part of your routine. Post articles and updates each day; this is your path to interacting with other users. Try and aim for at least 20 posts a month.


A customized public profile URL is more visible, especially if it has your full name. Did you also know you can optimize your entire profile with keywords? Use them as much as they make sense in your profile, even to optimize URL anchor text to grab attention and get more clicks.

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