Candidates come to us recruiters because we hold the golden ticket. We get their resume to the front of the line. However, we want them to come to us for way more than that. If you want to triple your commissions and be more than just a “resume pusher”. This video is for you.

Credibility comes with knowledge and fundamentals. Don’t forget to make a connection. Yet, that’s a whole other subject to dive into.

You can build credibility via email and via phone. Sometimes candidates keep it to email so you have to be good at both. The same principles are used.

Here at Techees, we have a shared Google doc with ALL of our “phone pitches”. This is essentially a company intake but way better than that. It’s information we get from the client and from good sources online like Crunchbase.

It talks about their company growth, current and future. Investors and business model. It will be as thorough to tell you if they are making money. If so, how?

We know what their engineering team is like. We know their culture. The interview process and how they handle offers. All of this “insider” information is something most recruiters either don’t have or aren’t willing to share. This alone will set you apart.

During the first couple of interactions with a candidate, you need to let the candidate know they aren’t just another “deal” to you. You genuinely care about their career goals. Hopefully, you have their next career but maybe you don’t and that’s okay.

You offer help any way you can (within reason). Even if it’s to help their friend that isn’t quite relevant to you. Pay it forward if you can.

Make sure you are quick and through with emails. That’s the professional side that goes a long way.

It’s also really important to be honest with your candidate. Give them legit and accurate advice on their career and the market. Set them straight if their expectations are off. If you let them live in a fantasyland, they will be truly disappointed and never satisfied.