Congratulations! A candidate gets back to you. Now what?!?!

Get back to them ASAP. You have to realize, thinking about changing job is all about timing. Did this person get yelled at work? Project dropped? Someone else gets promoted instead? Whatever the reason, your message caught this person at the time they needed and wanted it the most. You can’t lose that moment.

Do not respond with a ton of questions. Give the person what they want. They want to hear what options you have for them. I know, you’re thinking. But what if I don’t know what they do? What if I don’t know what they like? Who cares! Let them know these are just a couple ideas at first. You would love to hear what interests them and what they want to do in their next position. Then you’ll send them super relevant ideas. A person taking a “peek” around, wants to go with the most thorough, easiest, least time-consuming recruiter. Don’t worry about them going around you. Yes, that happens but it is so very rare. It’s worth the risk.

If the person doesn’t respond within 1 1/2-2 days follow up and assume what you sent wasn’t good enough. Send them two more things and ask the same questions. Always say, let me know what you think either. Happy to answer any questions”. Most people don’t want to give negative feedback. It’s not human nature. Just keep going and don’t give up. Once you’ve exhausted up to 6 good follow up emails, let your colleague try. Most people feel bad when they took longer to get back. They’d rather avoid you then apologize. Again, odd human nature.

Once someone says they are interested in a company, now you have them. Get their resume, their availability for an interview and get them on the phone. It’s okay if they don’t want to. Build a relationship through email. You can do both. Don’t stop moving just because you can’t get them on the phone. Never ever stop moving!

Remember, you cannot build a relationship with someone until you give a little. You let them in, be personal and they will do the same thing. Most of the time. Even if they don’t right away, keep doing it. They will eventually come around. Because why?! It’s human nature!

Think, what would I do if someone messaged be? What kind of a recruiter would I want in my corner?! By “that” recruiter and then some.

How do current recruiters get back to a candidate for the first time? What works? What doesn’t?

For almost recruiters or recruiters in training, what would you want us recruiters to do after the first outreach?

Would love your comments below!