As a professional recruiter, setting up lasting relationships should be one of your goals. Following up with clients and candidates can boost your credibility and cash flow, not to mention your brand. It also creates an open line of communication, helping candidates feel like they’re in the loop and not left in the dark. They will also feel more confident you’re in touch with the client.

Following up creates the impression you care about the candidate’s long-term success. Being empathetic is a great approach (after all, you do care about their success) because job hunting is stressful and your candidate needs to make money. But also think about what companies invest in their hiring process. With a follow-up, it shows you have a system in place to do your business, and clients feel like they’re getting their money’s worth. But how do you go about it without seeming intrusive?

Here are some strategies for following up, which you can use along with my many other recruiting tips in this blog:

Be Timely

There’s often a period of time from when an offer is made to when a candidate starts their new job. Make sure you’re in touch with your candidate during that time. You can be sending them recent press articles about the company, etc. A week or two before the candidate starts let your client know the candidate is excited to be joining next week and ask if there’s anything else they need from you before they begin, etc.

Ask for Feedback

After sending an invoice over to the client I like to tell them to keep me updated on the candidate’s progress. It makes you seem vested in their success. It’s also nice to know if the candidate isn’t doing well in their position. If gives you a chance to connect with the candidate and get them going in the right direction so they’re able to stay at the company. Always be sure to be checking in with your candidate. Especially after their first week.

Follow Up Over the Long Term

Calling a client after about 90 days or six months would seem counterintuitive. But it’s not. Don’t simply say, “how is so and so doing?” However, you can express your genuine interest in the person’s performance and how things are going for the company. Call at the right time and you might find yourself with new business.

Guarantee Period Calls

Getting paid is the reason to be a recruiter in the first place. Not to mention being rewarded for your hard work! You can make sure your candidate is still at the company as the guarantee period approaches. It’s also a perfect time to check in with the client and ask what other roles they need you to fill. Now that you’ve placed one person on their team they’ll know you know what you’re doing and will want to use you to fill future roles.

This shows your role doesn’t end when the deal is done. I cover this in my e-course, “Recruiting Bootcamp”, among many other aspects of recruiting, including resumes, interviews, and LinkedIn. If you’re looking for ways to improve your recruiting career, sign up for my e-Course today and subscribe to my YouTube channel, The Millionaire Recruiter. I’ve helped many people succeed whether they were starting out new or looking to strengthen their career as a recruiter. Let’s tackle your career goals together not tomorrow, but today!