This is a personal subject for me. I’m going to talk about two people. In fact, the person holding the camera for me is about to hear me talk about him. So wish me good luck. Don’t drop me ; )

 How do you know if you’re passion driven or money driven? You must decide that before deciding what career route to take. 


Luis, my husband, is passion driven a trillion percent. Not an ounce money driven, one thing I will never understand. How do I truly know this?

Luis has lived his whole life in the restaurant business. He’s done it all. Except his true dream. He had always wanted to open a restaurant.

4 out of 5 restaurants fail their first year. Almost all of them by their 5th. So why in the world would someone want to open a restaurant?!? Even if you survive, it takes multiple restaurants to make any money. Yet, He still had this strong desire.

Luis asked me what I thought. Here was my question to him, if you won the lottery tomorrow, $100 million dollars. Yet the only clause was you could never open a restaurant, would you take that money? He very quickly responded, “no!” Holy crap! Seriously?!?! That can’t be rational! That my friends, is true passion. So I then said, against every sane bone in my body, “then do it”. So he did, he opened on the due date of our first child. Yep, we’re crazy!

My thought, when is a good time to open a restaurant? Never! When are you ready to have a baby? Never! So great, let’s do both at the same time.

Mouthful Eatery won top 100 restaurants on Yelp, in the whole United States their first year. In the fourth year, just a couple weeks ago. They were featured on The Travel Channel. A show called Food Paradise. A national show. So Luis, your passion will make you money. But it’s a whole lot of work and you’re not the rule, you’re the exception. You were willing to risk everything, no matter the outcome.

Another very personal example is one of my favorite people. My little brother, Monster. Okay, his name is Grant but I’ve called him monster since he was a baby, so he’s Monster.

Monster is 20 years old. Like most at his age, a lost puppy. He was told over and over again, go to college. So, that’s what he did. He’s obsessed with basketball. Always has been. Unfortunately, he’s not 6’5”. He majored in sports medicine because he wanted to be the trainer for the Lakers. Yes, you and every other true basketball fan.

I sat down Monster and told him all the jobs he could get with the degree he was going for. I told him best case, worst case and average. I then let him know he’ll be making about 40k a year. His degree will cost him roughly 160k, so when all said and done, he’s paying for school forever. Not mention, he loves Southern California and that means he’s living in poverty with that amount of money after taxes and bills.

 I asked him several money-focused questions. He was the youngest and somehow sheltered too much. He did not truly know the value of a dollar and what it takes to get to the top. He didn’t realize a lot of things. So you’re wondering? Does monster have true passion or his head in the clouds? Meaning, does he want something so bad, that he doesn’t care about the sacrifice he’d have to make to get there? 

After his first year in college, it was clear. Passion driven, he is not. In fact, he wasn’t even sure what he was. But passion driven, no.

He left school and came to live with my family. The harsh reality of life on your own, starting to hit. Still, not clear, he went back home to Lake Tahoe. The clouds went away in his mind and I got a phone call. “Anna, I want to be a recruiter. How do I do that?” So yes, after he left my house, after I spent many hours talking to him, it only became clear because he read my book. Seriously! I don’t know if I’m happy about this or annoyed by how many hours I wasted trying to talk to him. Either way, he decided he was truly money driven and wanted to be a recruiter. 

As the world turns!

My point, you don’t have to always have been money driven to know you now want a lot of it. You can have other passions and not have your passion be your career. Let your career, be your vessel to enjoy your passion as much as you can.

Monster is now going to get into recruiting, make millions of dollars and sit courtside with Jack at the Laker games. Bam! Passion and money reunited!

What’s your passion? How can money get you to enjoy it?

Btw, in case you haven’t guessed, money is my passion!

 Look forward to hearing your thoughts!