You’ve probably dreamt of it over and over again. “What if I had a million dollars? I could finally live the good life.” That’s great! There’s nothing wrong with dreaming of being rich, but it doesn’t have to be just a dream. You can become a millionaire and I am ready to share just how you can, as I always do with my success partners in crime!

No matter what your career background or education is like, you can find a career that works for you. I found great success as a tech recruiter. Are you wondering how to become a recruiter? Everything you need to know about succeeding in this field is included in my e-Course, The Millionaire Recruiter. To get to a high level of success as a recruiter, you need to work hard, but you also get to help others do well too.

The recruiting industry is booming. Fortunately, you can take part in it by interacting online, sending emails, chatting with clients and job applicants, conducting interviews, and using the most important recruiting tool of all—LinkedIn.

In my course, book, and my YouTube videos, I talk about that stuff all the time. Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. But how do you make a million bucks doing all that?

The most obvious way, of course, is to increase your income stream. That’s a challenge if you are a salaried employee, in which case you’re probably not making what you should. Salaried workers make little or no commission. I’ve found that earning a commission is way more lucrative. A good commission is something like 10% to 20% of the employee’s first-year salary. In the tech world, $150K to $250K a year isn’t unheard of.

That way, you can get by with one or two placements a month, or on the order of $60,000!

An employed recruiter, on the other hand, won’t get anywhere near that. I’ve seen them make just $16 per hour and $100 per placement. So, you do the math to see what’s better! You won’t become a millionaire anytime soon with that kind of treatment.

If recruiting feels like the right path, keep improving your skills and knowledge. There’s a lot to learn. I teach a lot in my e-Course, the best recruiter course if you’re ready to learn step by step, but you also have to learn through experience. And as you go through the ranks, take my advice but also create your financial goals. You don’t necessarily need a professional financial planner, but focus on your own goals and expectations, list your expenses, and think about your future financial needs and wants.

You can certainly work hard and see results quickly just like I did! Take my advice, be smart, and keep learning—and you can do just as well. Does that sound crazy? Not really. The recruiting industry is expected to double in size in just a few years, so there’s no reason you can’t start gaining momentum. Just go for it!