In my e-Course “Recruiting Bootcamp”, I go into great detail about using LinkedIn. Why is it so important to build your LinkedIn network?

Growing your network can help you stand out as a recruiter. The stronger the connections are, the more you will stand out. Still, there are so many recruiters who don’t have a profile or are missing important details. Assuming you have a profile but few connections, here is how you can start adding people and growing your LinkedIn network.

On the site, there is a list of connections and who have added you. It’s a good idea to message new connections soon after they add you. You might not need them at the moment, but it can help to say something like “I’m glad to connect with you”, etc. A friendly interaction will help them remember you more than by starting off asking about work and talking about your services.

When I started on LinkedIn, making connections wasn’t so easy. The process was later simplified but many people, including myself, were locked out for making too many connections. But that’s in the past! Nowadays, I am very active on the site. I’ve found people may add you, but not look much further, so messaging them adds a personal touch.

Searching for Connections

Let’s say you’re focusing your recruitment on a certain job title and skill. A good way to start is to use the search window at the top of the page. For example, I would type something like “rails engineer” along with a skill like “computer science”, since it’s something a qualifying candidate would probably have.

You can use various filters as well. These include People, Jobs, and Content, or you can search by Companies, Schools, and Groups. Searching by 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Connections is also possible. Checking 2nd connections can open the door to connecting to your connections’ connections, if that makes sense! A 3rd connection is someone you don’t know, outside your network. Adding them can strengthen your network even more.

You can strengthen your recruiting network even further by customizing your invitations. Pages and pages of potential connections may show up, so you can be picky or just click down the list, connecting with users one by one. The site will remind you members are more likely to accept your invitation with a note. You can write it on the screen or copy and paste from somewhere else.

If you want, you can also filter by location to narrow down your choices to stronger connections.

Strengthening Your Connections

LinkedIn lets you see mutual connections as well. You might see people with job titles that pertain to you; a lot of times, when someone you reach out to sees you’re connected with so-and-so, they won’t hesitate to add you. The more recognizable you are, the more likely people will want to connect with you; it’s kind of taboo for people to talk about random recruiters they’ve used.

Build Your Connections and Recruiting Career

I hope these recruiting tips help you build a more powerful LinkedIn network. And feel free to add me to build your network and expand your connections. If you want to learn more, reach out with any questions or comments you have. Whether you’re just getting started or want to branch out from that recruiting agency job, I can help you become a millionaire recruiter just like my other success partners in crime.