I talk about the “why” in my book. I find it to be extremely important. Why are you money driven? Where does that fire come from? Why do you want money? What or who is it really for?

I went to see Suze Orman speak. If you have the chance, take it. She is an incredibly powerful outspoken woman and I very much enjoyed it. What she says is so powerful and it gets you. She makes you think about your first money memory. Good or bad. She wants to know what first comes to mind. Most people have a negative thought. A loss, a hardship, etc. she then asks, what money fear do you have now? In most situations, there is a correlation between your fear and your first money memory. You must erase that memory or make it work for you.

I am money driven because I remember my mom moving out of the house when I was 10, (with me and my brother). And shortly after, having to move back because she didn’t have enough money. My mom was free from my dad for a few months, then forced back. You could tell she was depressed. I knew right there and then I would not live my life like that. I would make the choices I wanted to make, when I wanted to make them. The amount of money I had was not going to dictate those decisions. I want to be free and I relate being free, to being rich.

My “why” is stronger than ever before. I have two small children. I don’t want money because I want for them what I didn’t have. No, I lived a great life growing up. My parents did a fantastic job! I always thought we were the “poor” ones. Yet, didn’t realize we lived in the same neighborhoods as my “rich” friends. My parents taught me the value of a dollar and what hard work is. If you want something in life, you go get it yourself because there are no handouts. Well at least, there shouldn’t be.

I want to continue to maximize my bank account because I want to show my kids the same thing. I do not believe in college funds. However, I do believe in entrepreneur funds. No, not a straight hand out. I have a bank account for each of my kids. I put a certain amount of money in each month. They will not know about it (unless they find this article one day). If and when they decide what business they want to get into. I will be there as an investor. When they come to me with an idea, a good idea, I will help fund it as a loan. Once they get it off the ground and successful, that is when I will go to them with a life-size giant check (I’ve always wanted one) and give them what I originally “lent” them as a gift. That is a day I very much look forward to.

In order to be successful and have “purpose” in your life. Find your “why” and go for it! Never settle. Enjoy your successes, but keep going. Don’t you ever let anyone tell you, “that’s enough”

I want to hear, what’s your “why”? Comment below! I want to hear your story.