This is something that will set you apart from all the other recruiters. A lot of recruiters become fake busy and don’t even realize it.

Here’s what I mean. Your goal is to be a full cycle recruiter. That means you work with the client (company) and the candidate. A lot of companies separate these tasks. That I don’t understand. Most companies also make you do companies first. I also don’t agree. You need to learn the tech lingo, how candidates think, what they want, etc. In order to fully understand what a client is looking for. Clients are far easier to handle once you have a grasp on the industry.

 Fake busy happens when you use the whole day to set up interviews and take intake calls (talking to candidates about their possible search to find out more about them and what they want). Really when no new business happens. You weren’t lazy. You set up things that could make you money. I should say, will make you money. 

However, there is NO way any recruiter in the universe is really that busy setting up interviews and intake calls to then become a glorified admin. Let’s think of it like this. Your intake calls will take 5 to 10 mins. Let’s say you have 5 to do. That would be really great. Then let’s say you have to set up 10 interviews, that’s extremely great. Setting up an interview shouldn’t take more than 5 mins AT THE MOST. Let’s do the math. 5 intake calls at 10 mins each is 50 mins. 5 mins to set up 10 calls is another 50 mins. That btw, is really the most any of that should take. That’s less than 2 hours. Yet, somehow, you didn’t do any other work.

Let me tell you what I think is happening. You’re thinking WAY too much. This is the most common problem recruiters have. You scheduled a call, so now you’re thinking about taking that call about 20 to 30 mins before. Off and on, which is taking away from the brain power you need to recruit. Then, you’re thinking, “oh I have candidate x going into company y in about 30 mins. I hope he does well.” Then off to fairytale land about closing this fake deal. Hence, you are now fake busy.

Think of it like this. You are not allowed to think of anything that hasn’t happened yet. You don’t need to get excited, disappointed, nervous or anxious. Nothing has happened yet. I call this wicked chatter. I discovered this a little over a year ago and it’s the best thing.

Wicked chatter is your brain having conversations in your head. You’re playing out situations and having emotion over it. Whether it’s good or bad emotion, it’s fake and it’s distracting. Think about this in your personal life. How many times did you have a fake fight in your head in anticipation of one? You’re now mad at someone over something that never happened. Extremely unproductive.

I say very often to my employees, STOP thinking. Do your work that you know how to do and don’t think about it. DO IT!!

I too catch myself being fake busy every now and again. Own up to it, and stop it. You don’t get paid millions to be an admin, you get paid millions to be the best, most efficient recruiter out there.

Here’s what I do. I put myself on a timer if I’m having a hard time keeping real busy. I do a search for 30 to 45 mins. Bam, the timer goes off. I check and respond to emails. I do not keep my inbox up. I see the side popups. If I’m waiting for a particular email I still keep an eye out. If it comes through I will respond. If not, I keep working and respond after my search. I do those sprints throughout the day to keep myself in check. New business every day is a must.

Current recruiters, can you relate? Soon to be recruiters, does this happen to you in your current life or current job? Comment below. What are your tricks to not allow this to happen?