Be The Next Millionaire Recruiter! Because, Why not? What are you scared of?

Most people are scared of change. They are excited about the opportunity to make a lot of money. They want to help people. They want to be challenged. Yet, why are some people still scared to jump into the industry?

1. Fear of failure


2. Fear you can’t sit in front of a computer for too long


3. Fear you’ll get bored doing the same thing everyday


4. Fear you won’t be able to handle a commission only job


5. Fear you’ll never be able to “sell” something you don’t know anything about

Fear is normal, but lose it! Fear will get you NO where in life no matter what you decide to do. Everyone fears they will fail. Don’t fear the mistakes. Embrace them and that will make you stronger. There is NO successful person in the whole world that hasn’t made millions (pun intended) of mistakes. It’s how you handle them and bounce back that makes you rich. I myself am a bit of a crazy, free bird. I have a hard time staying still and quiet. Meaning, if anyone knows me, they would have never thought I’d be in front of a computer 4 days a week. Not to mention, I didn’t even know how to type. I used my two pointer fingers. Yep, I was super cool! I have a stand-up desk if I’m tired of sitting. Also, the great part about working in a team environment is the office isn’t quiet. We collaborate and talk all the time. That’s how brilliant ideas are made. Technically you do the same thing every day. However, every day is different because every person is different. You are dealing with people, their personalities and their own craziness. It’s SO fun! I used to say “well, I’ve seen it all”. Yet, I have NEVER seen it all. I’ve done this for 11 years and haven’t even come close to “seeing it all”. I don’t think that will ever happen. This is the least boring job. I’ve been on commission only for 11 years. It puts a fire inside you that I can’t quite explain. There is no ceiling, no limit to your success. I think of it as I’m a gorilla (or a giraffe, that’s more dainty). The zoo is chasing me, and trying to cage me in. But I keep running and will continue to run. As I think of this I laugh. Not only because I called myself a gorilla, but because I hate to run. Ha! Well you get it. Once you make the decision to be successful, you will never let yourself fall. I am not an engineer, nor do I want to be one. I make WAY more than them and you will too. Unless you plan on getting into MIT or Stanford and taking computer science class for four years, you will never understand what they do. You will be a professional at matching people up. That is something you must learn, but it doesn’t take long. Especially the way I teach it. So there you have it, stop being a scaredy cat. Instead, be a tech recruiter. Not just an “average” recruiter. But you’ll be The Next Millionaire Recruiter. Did I leave anything out? What else keeps you on the fence? I want to hear all your fears, so I can smash them. Cheers to you my success partners in crime! Brianna Rooney