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“The Millionaire Recruiter: Get Rich With No Experience” by Brianna Rooney is the first of its kind. The book is a veritable font of information about the possibilities of becoming rich through tech recruiting. The tech world is a fast growing industry, with millions of dollars to be made off of the hiring needs of small, medium and large companies. This book gives step by step information about how anyone can master the skills needed to become a millionaire recruiter. After reading the book you will be informed enough about the tech recruiting business to take your education to the next level by enrolling in Brianna Rooney’s 3-hour e-course.

Brianna begins the book by detailing her own history of how she started her own tech recruiting business and got rich from it. She emphasizes that she didn’t have any specialized education or know how. She learned the ropes by watching and learning.

The primary message that the book conveys is that anyone can do this. The title is apropos. If you follow the ideas in this book, and follow up with the Millionaire Recruiter e-course, you too, can easily launch your own successful tech recruiting business.

Even if you have no previous knowledge of recruiting; even if you’re not even sure what recruiting means, this book is for you. In fact, this book is especially for you. It outlines in great detail how the business model of tech recruiting works. It explains why commission based jobs have no upper income limits. Most importantly, it debunks the myth that there is some magical reason why some people are “born salesmen.” With this book in hand, plus the power of the Millionaire Recruiter e-course, anyone can start their own tech recruiter business.

The book pulls no punches. In a frank and upfront way, Brianna explains why money is the great motivator. Money is the backbone of the successful recruiter, and Brianna shows how every candidate can provide multiple sources of revenue through the life of the relationship.

Let Brianna Rooney be your guide to help start your own technical recruitment agency. Technical recruiter jobs are more in demand than ever before. Let nothing hold you back.

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About Brianna

Brianna Rooney is the founder of Techees, a very successful technical recruiter firm situated in the California Bay Area. With over a decade of experience, Brianna has become a leader in the technical recruiter industry, and the ultimate “matchmaker.” Companies of all sizes rely on Brianna to fill their most challenging software engineering vacancies. As an expert negotiator and mediator, Rooney says, “You really have to work with both sides and be as unbiased as possible. Listen to what each party wants and make sure they line up.” Rooney also trains others to do the same thing through her 3-hour e-course. As Brianna says, “Everyone is capable if they want it.”