As a successful tech recruiter, you must be organized and able to reach as many candidates as possible. Today, there are many software tools to help. In this blog, I will explain some of the best recruiting tools that have certainly helped me along; and here’s why:

Why You Need Recruiting Software

Since the 1990s, software has been a crucial part of the recruiting process. Not only does it make sourcing, screening, choosing, and interviewing candidates more efficient, it also makes it easier to manage numerous electronic resumes, job applications, and communications.

In general, a software recruiting tool supports your day-to-day needs, such as:

  • Promoting positions through career websites, social media, and job postings.
  • Tracking applicants from screening to interview, to hire and beyond.
  • Viewing analytical data such as the source of hire, time to fill, and who you interview.
  • Conducting personality assessments and pre-hire testing, as well as background checks.
  • Providing training and orientation for people hired to new positions.

Software, therefore, helps improve your workflow. Without it, you’d need a paper trail and all kinds of file folders to organize information. Thus, it helps you be efficient and conserve resources.

Here are the software tools for recruiters I use that can help you too:

LinkedIn Recruiter

I talk about LinkedIn a lot in my e-Course, but LinkedIn Recruiter is a tool you will want too. It provides advanced search filters to find talent and even makes suggestions to strengthen your search. You can prioritize candidates who are most likely to respond, including past contacts. The software provides you with insights from LinkedIn’s active community of professionals, and also integrates with your own applicant tracking system.


A subsidiary of LinkedIn Corporation, Connectifier was started by two former Google employees. It is designed to help companies and recruiters address hiring challenges. According to the company, it has a growing database of over 450 million candidates; that’s a lot of people! This tool includes Connectifier Auto Search, a browser extension that tells you when someone views a profile on LinkedIn Recruiter and other sites, revealing email addresses and other details.


In today’s fast-paced tech market, you want to be fast. TextRecruit leverages popular methods such as online chat and text messaging. With this tool, you can boost your response rate so companies and candidates know who they can depend on. Also, you can configure the chatbot with your own tone of voice and branding. Isn’t that cool—an automated applicant tracking and candidate management system that sounds just like you!


With the filters included in Crunchbase, you can narrow down your search by location, category, number of employees, and more. Find leads, close deals, and conduct market research by analyzing industry trends. Although Crunchbase is often used as an investment tool, it makes it just as easy to find prospects and track news and events. It certainly helps you target and get to know your clients, and potentially uncover new opportunities for your recruiting business.

For more insights into these tools, plus recruiting tips, sign up for my Recruiter’s Crash Course today! I’ll show you what these applications offer and how you can make the most of them. If you’re interested in breaking into or getting ahead in recruiting, sign up today or learn more by getting in touch online with your questions, comments, or suggestions. Also, sign up for your first module free today!