Unfortunately, I see this a lot. Companies take advantage of employees whenever they can. As a business owner, a recruiter and just a nice human being, that makes me really angry to hear.

As a recruiter, I have to deal with talking to someone out of a counteroffer. Something that should be easy. Yet, even though a company mistreats someone, it doesn’t mean it makes it easy for that person to quit that company. Something I will never understand.

I want to give two examples. I recently had a candidate with 6 years experience, 5 of those years with one company. This engineer tells me he was making 120k. What?! That is heavily underpaid in the Bay Area for what he does. His current company gave him very minimal raises over the last 5 years. His excuse to make himself feel better, “well they believed in me when I was just starting my career.” Fair statement, but it’s been 5 years. It seems like the company is taking advantage of him. Unless you’re blind and deaf, you know he’s underpaid.

This person goes through the interview process and a company gives him $150,000. Which is right on point. What happens? He puts in his notice and his company says, “Oh wait, stay. We’ll give you the same.” So let me get this straight. This company gave a $30,000 raise in a blink of an eye? At the pace he was going, he wouldn’t have gotten that much for another 6 years.

If the only way to be paid well is to switch jobs every 1-2 years, then how can you blame them for not being loyal?

I was actually more inclined to bring this up because I recently had drinks with a friend of mine. It turned more into career advice than a girls night out. But I’m glad it did because it inspired me to put companies on blast.

My friend has been with her Company for 10 years. 10 years of loyalty. 10 years of solid work. Problem here, she does her job too well and without complaints. It’s a similar situation in relationships. One person tends to do more than the other. Causing the other person to rely on their significant others to do certain things. It goes on for so long that this person doesn’t even realize it’s an extra perk. It becomes the “normal”.

The moral of this story is not to do the bare minimum at work. Regardless, you should always challenge yourself and do great work. Think about it this way, if it was your business, wouldn’t you want an employee like you? Think of every day as practice for something more, something better. Do not get taken advantage of. Speak up and be heard. Stand by your hard work. Move on to something better. If a company is not loyal to you, no reason to be loyal to them. Repeat after me, “I’m good at what I do. I can do better. I will do better. I will be rich, filthy rich”.

As for the companies out there taking advantage of their employees. Shame on you! This is not all about money. This is about respect, being acknowledged and appreciated. You will lose. Your employees will realize what you’re doing and when you try to fix it, it will be too late. Get ahead of this. Do the right thing and your business will flourish.


The Millionaire Recruiter