I always talk about being the good recruiter and doing thorough work. Yet I also talk about efficiency. You have to find your happy medium.

There is no way you can write a creative tempting inmail or email to every single candidate. If you did that, you’d reach out to maybe 20 people a day instead of 50-100 that you need to. Every week to three weeks I write new messages for every skill set I’m looking for. So it’s direct and relevant to each person. However, not technically written only for them. I make sure what I’m sending will be most likely match up. It’s okay if you get it wrong. Not everyone’s LinkedIn is thorough. It’s okay to guess. 

If you see something in particular that you think connects with the person, by all means, add it to your message. The key here is to not waste time overthinking. Move fast and move smart.

I also have a couple of clients that I pitch in my message. Depending on the search I do, will depend on the companies pitched. You have to make candidates feel you’re being real with them and you care. Remember, a job change isn’t easy. It is hard work and time-consuming.

Lots of people will say no thanks or not right now or tell you when a better time is. You must also have a message for that. Keep a word doc (or whatever you use) ongoing for all these automated messages. You want to say you’re happy that they are in a great current situation, you want to keep in touch and always offer your referral bonus. I also like to tell them the two companies I was thinking just in case they were curious. That works because it reminds them how truly helpful and thorough you are.

Always, always get back to people. Even if it’s not a person you can use. Pay it forward and still be helpful, but be honest you can’t help right now. Give them some type of advice. That person has friends you do need and they now will remember you are the great recruiter.

Switch up your messages and stay fresh. If you’re bored with your messages, the candidates will be too. There’s no reason to rewrite the same message over and over. Copy and paste but be smart about it.

Any questions on this? You’re not spamming out worthless content. You’re writing good messages that can be for several people. Therefore making much better use of your time. Any current recruiter have other ways to automate yourself? Would love to hear them!