Recruiting is such an awesome and rewarding job! I’ve been running my recruiting firm for many years and have found more than perfect candidates for many positions.  But, I can tell you not every candidate will be perfect and sometimes that’s totally okay. I’m not saying I pressure my clients into hiring a diamond in the rough. Nonetheless, a coachable/ placeable candidate is one who is growth-minded and always seeking improvement.

How to Identify Coachable/ Placeable Candidates

Research has shown coaching reduces employee stress and improves interpersonal skills. Finding the right candidate isn’t always easy. There are many things to look for, but if you are looking for the most coachable or placeable candidates, here are the most important traits:

  • A desire for self-improvement: This desire is the first step towards improving oneself. But if a candidate doesn’t seem interested, chances are they won’t integrate well with a company’s culture. You can’t really coach someone who doesn’t want it, but the potential of an employee who longs for self-improvement is practically limitless.
  • Faith in oneself: If your candidate believes in themselves and their abilities, they’re more likely to learn and grow. They also tend to be more responsive to coaching. It’s all psychological. Such a person will seek evidence to support their beliefs of self-worth, and coaching is all about personal growth and learning.
  • Commitment to themselves and others: Any organization is looking for an employee to make a commitment. However, there is more too it. A candidate must be as committed to themselves as others; it’s an important trait, so you can’t only focus on past experience and skill sets.
  • They are self-aware: Coaching includes feedback. If your candidate is self-aware, they are open to coaching, but identifying this trait can be tough. A candidate may openly discuss their strengths and weaknesses. We’re all taught to do that in an interview. To see if your candidate is truly self-aware, see how they respond to feedback from others.
  • Ready and willing to learn: A candidate might have an unquenchable desire for the position, but are they really willing to learn new things? They might resist if old skills have been effective. If they’re passionate about learning nonetheless, you can assume they’re going to be the coachable kind.
  • Is open to correction and criticism: Can you test whether a candidate is coachable/placeable? Absolutely! During the interview, ask them to prepare a presentation relevant to the job role. Then offer feedback or request changes to the presentation. If your candidate takes the critiques in stride, they may have the coachability traits you want; if they’re resistant to incorporating your feedback with the next presentation, it just might not be the right fit.

Learn Everything You Need to Know from The Millionaire Recruiter

For more insights, review my e-Course, The Millionaire Recruiter. I cover what to look for in a candidate through their resume and online profile, to assessing their traits via one-on-one interactions during an interview. There’s a lot to look for when vetting a tech candidate. A good resume can tell you if a person is coachable/placeable, but resumes don’t tell you everything. Identifying the most coachable/placeable candidates requires interacting with them and testing their openness and willingness to learn and improve.

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