Whether you’re a recruiter or a candidate, the Internet is your greatest asset. As a tech recruiter, I embrace the digital world all the time. LinkedIn, featured in my e-Course “The Millionaire Recruiter”, is excellent for recruiting qualified candidates. In fact, recruiting employees over LinkedIn is actually quite common.

But with so many people online, and so many recruiters, you must stand out. My success partners in crime aren’t ones to disappear into the crowd. That’s not good for you, and it’s not good for companies that rely on your services.

To stand out and effectively use LinkedIn for recruiting, you need to:

1. Summarize Your Professional Background

First impressions do count. Therefore, you need a summary that can be read quickly yet conveys what you are about. You have 2,000 characters to babble about your accomplishments. But don’t just ramble; tell your readers a story. Give it personality and choose buzz words carefully; you can optimize for search and still make it interesting. Talk about your vision and goals and supplement your story with pictures and videos (just make sure your profile picture/headshot is up to date).

2. Create an Engaging Headline

A job title isn’t a very personal introduction. Besides, it only reveals what your current role is, not what truly represents you. Your headline should bridge the gap between the now and the future. It should provide a brief intro to your skills and background, as something that describes you as an individual.

3. Boost Your Credibility

LinkedIn affords many tools for being connected. Endorsements are highly valuable. When someone endorses you, it’s more effective than bragging about yourself. How do you get endorsements? In this department, it pays to give to receive. Get out there and start endorsing and someone might return the favor; and don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations. Having 500 or more connections is awesome too—it means you’re well-connected. It can really help with recruiting employees over LinkedIn.

4. Demonstrate Yourself as a Leader

People tend to go on and on about their workplace accomplishments. But don’t only talk about work on your LinkedIn profile. Showcase our personal interests that help define you as an individual. If you belong to a community group or have interesting hobbies, talk about the projects you’ve worked on, especially those that enhance your profile.

5. Truly Connect with Your Audience

Inviting people to connect with you, and accepting others’ invitations, is easy. To really connect, go the distance by sending the person a message. Give your follow-up personality or, better yet, extend the opportunity to speak over the phone or meet in person. In a world of digital faces, you want to be as human as possible.

It also helps to stay active. Share articles and LinkedIn posts so others have something to like or comment on. This gives them a reason to participate, and shows that you’re an active participant as well.

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