A great job posting can attract the right candidates, but the message must be clear and stand out. Knowing how to create a job post can mean the difference between finding the right candidates and missing many opportunities.

These five strategies can get your job post to stand out:

1. Have a Creative Title

Recruiters have been getting quite fancy with how they present job postings. Maybe you don’t want to be too campy. But if you have 20 vacancies for the same position, listing something like “Sales Strategist” over and over again will get boring. Try something like “Sales Extraordinaire”.

When you get creative, be sure not to diminish the value of the job. The title still needs to be worded such that job seekers can identify the position and industry. The more details about the position you can fit, the better, since people use them to search job boards.

2. Discuss Your Vision of the Future

Qualified applicants look for positions that’ll expand their careers and guarantee long-term employment. The resources you invest in and the targets you want to hit mean a great deal to them. At the same time, it must be clear how an individual can make an impact on the organization. Employees need to feel like they’re valued and making a difference. Otherwise, retention can become a problem.

3. Share Your Job Posting Wisely

There are so many job posting and social media websites. But sending a barrage of posts won’t save you time or effort. Post where potential applicants gather—an industry forum or specific job site or social media outlet. For example, career-driven tech candidates are easy to find on LinkedIn. Some are even active on Facebook and Twitter.

For more information on using LinkedIn as a channel for your job postings, refer to my e-Course, “The Millionaire Recruiter”. I have included two modules on the topic and how you can use LinkedIn to your advantage. I’ve provided numerous other recruiting tips as well.

4. It’s all in the Details

Precision and detail are your greatest assets. Describe as many tasks and responsibilities as you can. If your company has won awards, state what they are, and don’t forget to talk about employee benefits. Information on local amenities such as public transportation provides information about the environment around a company.

Authenticity can convince a candidate your job posting is the one to respond to. A candidate needs to know whether their personality will fit a company’s messaging and brand. Personality traits as job requirements can help find someone who contributes to the team dynamic and company culture.

5. Include Content

Content is King. I’m sure you’ve heard that by now. It’s true for job postings too. Rather than hype up a company or position, you can share pictures of the office or even include an infographic. Give applicants a visual idea of what to expect. Videos are great too, and let you showcase your business—interview key employees/stakeholders, include a behind-the-scenes look, or present a vibe that attracts a certain candidate.