1. Celebrate your highs so you know your lows
  2. Don’t spend all your money before it comes in
  3. Never sit back and relax, ever
    Remember how and why you were successful before and do all of that again
  4. Yes, you got it. Smile! Even if it hurts. In fact, more so when it hurts.

Now let’s go back through them and explain. If you don’t celebrate a win, and only beat yourself up on a loss, then what’s the point in a win? You need to know the high so when you’re coming back down, you know when to catch yourself and double time it. Your goal is to not have a low. Just get back on equal ground

While celebrating, it’s necessary to splurge and enjoy your new-found fortune. Just don’t go broke before the check comes in. Unfortunately, things can happen in sales, the worst things and nothing takes you quicker to a low than a fallout after you splurged too much

The most common reason sales are a roller coaster is because sales people get what I call, “fat cat syndrome”. In sales, you can go from zero to hero in 2.8 seconds. Yet, the opposite can happen. Not to mention, why are you holding yourself back? Maximize your payouts and don’t stop.

As you grow in your sales career, things get easier. Sales happen with not as much effort as before. You’ve proved yourself, you get referrals, and you are operating on autopilot. Don’t forget about your fundamentals. Think if you operated with that same drive, that same passion, that same tenacity as you did your first month; you’d be a whole lot richer.

When in doubt, nothing gets you out of a funk and keeps you making the green, like a giant smile. It has never failed me. Try it and stop being so negative!