You will have endless knowledge to tell your candidates in all different situations. I will help you with that. For now, let’s focus on the 5 biggest ones to tell them before the onsite interview. 

  1. Be on time and dressed appropriately
  2. Research the company on their site, on and on
  3. Have at least 3 questions prepared
  4. Always be positive
  5. Give thorough but precise and honest answers

The first one should be a no brainer but it’s not. If you’re running late, take a breath and call/email your recruiter or the hiring manager ASAP. It’s better to be over dressed then underdressed. Although the engineering world is more casual, you don’t want to show up looking sloppy. Yes, I’ve had companies pass on someone for that. Casual work attire is the best way to go. No suit but no sweats. You get it!

There is nothing worse than getting a call from the company telling me my candidate didn’t even know what they do. Yet, that happens a lot. It’s one thing to not be super interested. It’s another thing to be clueless. It’s just as embarrassing for you as it is for me.

If you don’t ask questions and engage. They will think you’re not interested. Even if they answered all of them for you. Keep pulling to show you know what you’re talking about and you want the job. Even if you’re not sure yet. It’s better to get multiple offers and have choices.

No matter the reason you’re interviewing. You need to spin it like you’re just looking and that you don’t have to. This is where companies really try to trip you up. They want to know if you’re a negative person (which is super hard to work with) or a positive person that can roll with the punches.

All too often people get passed on for out talking the rest of the team. Being a Mr. or Mrs. know it all doesn’t help the situation. Say what you know, say what you don’t but reassure them you’re interested in learning and collaborating.

I’d love to hear what other ideas you think is a MUST to tell your candidates before the big onsite interview. Or did you go on an interview and wish you would have known something? I had a person pick up their phone during the meeting with the CEO. Yes, seriously! The CEO was going to offer the job until that happened. So rude!