As I always tell my success partners in crime, it’s awesome to be a tech recruiter. If that’s so, why do so many people fail at it?

The reason is, you need the right skills. If you have them, you can enjoy all the perks of being a recruiter—no corporate ladder, great commission, and a fulfilling sales career. But to start, here’s what you absolutely need to be a successful recruiter:

1. A “Go for It” Attitude

If you are lazy, you will fail. You’re not going to fill your bank account by waiting for work to come to you. Initiative is the essential quality for success as a tech recruiter.

OK, so you are a go-getter. Does that guarantee you a spot in the winner’s circle? Well, no. You need to be able to roll with punches. Not everyone is as reliable as you. There are last-minute cancellations, unreturned calls, and people who literally make you want to pull your hair out! Taking initiative and being pleasant to work with go hand in hand.

2. The Ability to Shuffle That Workload

Organization is key here. I don’t recommend burning yourself out, but you need work to make money. Keep track of your appointments and contacts. If you start double booking or keeping candidates and clients waiting, your reputation will tank!

Write down all your appointments. Your phone calendar is just fine. If it has a notes feature, even better. You don’t have to get too fancy, though an electronic planning tool can help.

3. Listen: Hear What I am Saying?

Recruitment is a key part of the hiring process, so good listening skills are important. Your clients are looking to make important decisions. If you’re a good recruiter, you’ll listen to exactly what they say, not just what you want to hear. Any job description you write must communicate the hiring manager’s needs, so you can match the best candidates with the job.

You won’t get all the nitty-gritty details if you don’t listen. A miscommunication can make or break a deal. By not listening and communicating, you’re going to frustrate people and get in the way of the hiring process rather than help it.

4. Be a Shameless Self-Marketer

Self-promotion goes hand-in-hand with recruiting. These days, it’s pretty easy to sell yourself on social media. After all, you are selling your recruiting services, so you want to be a positive image for your brand.

In my e-Course, I cover so much about LinkedIn for a reason. How to write your own profile, search for candidates, and be creative with it. Just as candidates are using social media, you can too, and never be afraid to pitch yourself to potential clients. In fact, I’ve had the same title on my LinkedIn since day 1 — “Worlds Best Wingman”. I’ll never take it down. It’s a great conversation starter every time.

5. Interpersonal Skills

People skills are important because recruiting involves relationship building. A great recruiter builds a rapport with each client and candidate. If the client reaches out, and even if you don’t have anyone for them immediately, respond right away. You close the loop with everyone and don’t you ever leave anyone hanging!

The interview process is a two-way conversation. I include a live interview intake call in The Millionaire Recruiter e-Course. This can help, but the relationship with your candidate doesn’t end with hiring. Even after they’re hired, stay in touch in case they need you again.

These are the skills you need to be an amazing tech recruiter. Be a go-getter and easy to work with, organized, a great listener, self-promoter, and socialite. And follow all the tips in my three-hour e-Course—sign up today!