As a Millionaire Recruiter myself, you would certainly think I know the right candidate when I see one. The truth is there are many qualities and combinations thereof to look for. But if you keep getting bogged down with resumes and job descriptions, your head will spin end over end!

One thing I like to note in my recruitment training course is to look at each candidate as an individual. Sure, you’ll need to know what a good resume looks like and how to use LinkedIn. There are millions of people out there, each with a unique personality and experience, so you’re going to have to view each person for who they are. After all, each has gone to painstaking lengths to portray themselves as both qualified and unique.

Is that candidate a sure bet, one to pass on, or on the fence? Look at these five signs to help you find the right candidate for the job:

1. They’ve Done Their Research

Any candidate you talk to should have done their research. I can’t tell you how many candidates walk in with no clue as to what the company is about. Having matched so many people with the right jobs, I see that someone who knows more is always eager to learn more, fit into the corporate culture, and serve customers well.

2. They Are Brutally Honest

They say honesty is the best policy and, as a technical recruiter, I can tell you this is the honest truth when finding a job candidate. We all have flaws. Even the “perfect” candidate has made mistakes. We’ve all made them no matter how perfect we want everyone to think we are. What do I expect? Well, why not tell me you screwed up at work one time, how you fixed it, and what you learned from the experience?

3. They’re Bubbling with Enthusiasm

You will see it in their passion and body language. I don’t mean the candidate should have bragging rights, but they should take pride in the work they’ve accomplished. Look for how interested they are in living and breathing the work they’ve done in the past and what they can offer your company, and not just looking for a nice paycheck—which we all know, helps a lot!

4. They Have Ideas

When a candidate keeps going on and on about their past, it can be cool and boring at the same time. We’re all looking for someone who has concrete ideas for their new potential role. Maybe nobody at your company has thought of it before. Perhaps your candidate doesn’t have an Earth-shattering epiphany, but they should show signs of an innate desire to make contributions and be quick to respond and communicate.

5. The Interview Has Flow

I’ve seen a lot in my recruitment career. The interview is a brutally important step of the recruitment process and one we cover extensively in our recruitment courses. But it shouldn’t be like a Q&A session. It should be a conversation. There should be a natural back-and-forth flow. If the interview is like an interrogation, then it’s hard to see what a candidate can bring to your company or how they’ll fit in with your culture.

Tell Me What You Think

What are your favorite attributes in a job candidate? Do these tell the whole story, or are there other traits that give you that moment of certainty? If you’re interested in learning more about being a recruiter, check out my e-Course, The Millionaire Recruiter, which incorporates 10 modules covering the most important aspects of technical recruiting. It even includes a live intake call, after the interview, offer and closing, so you can see a real-world example of how the interview process works.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, or are ready to take the jump into technical recruiting, contact me today and we’ll get the ball rolling.