Impatient? Be a Recruiter

My inner 13-year-old couldn’t wait to talk about this. My mom has given me a hard time my entire life. Yes, still at age 33. I’m impatient. I can’t help it, I want things done now. What’s wrong with that?

I redecorated one of our guest rooms to add a workstation. I had to move the bed in and out. My husband wasn’t home. No matter, I figured it out. In the middle of me dragging the bed back, he says, “wait, I’ll be right there to help. I’m just going to finish getting things out of the car.” All I heard was, “wait”. Not a word I like. So I keep going. By the time he’s ready to help, I’m done and very satisfied with myself. However, he’s not too happy with me.

This brings me to happy news. I found a career that loves and embraces me being impatient. Yep, the recruiting industry! Even though my personal life doesn’t seem to love it, my clients do and my bank account loves it even more so.

When you’re a recruiter, you don’t wait. If you wait, you will lose. The good people will have companies lined up to make them offers. Your job is to take control. You have to make the company move the candidate through the interview as fast as possible. You have to get the candidate feedback fast. Both sides have to feel the love. If it’s not there, you need to quickly get the candidate to another great opportunity.

If the company does like the candidate, it’s very important to get all the logistics done as fast as possible so you can move to an official offer. Get candidates thoughts, references, go over salary again. I don’t care how many times you’ve done that. It changes all the time.

At offer stage, feel free to bring on your impatient side. Never hide it. Time kills deals! Get any and every objection out of the way BEFORE the official offer. Do hypotheticals with the candidate. Once the offer is out, you should know, or at least have a strong hunch which way the candidate will go. Don’t let them sit on making a decision for too long. Have them go with their gut. The longer the offer is out, the less likely it will happen. Therefore the longer the company has this opening and is not interviewing, in hopes it works out with the candidate.

So go get your answers and get them quickly! There are so many more recruiting situations where being impatient wins but I don’t have all week and neither do you. Hurry! Your bank account needs to start growing. Just first call your mom and tell her she’s wrong. It does pay to be impatient! Love ya mom!


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  1. Maralynn August 6, 2018 at 7:05 am - Reply

    Wow, this is in every reescpt what I needed to know.

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