I cover a bit about social media in my e-Course, “The Millionaire Recruiter”. As a professional recruiter, I know that recruiting candidates over social media can most definitely work and be good for business. But tread carefully my success partners in crime. Finding the right candidates requires a consistent strategy and being smart with each step you take. Here are some of the best approaches I’ve come across over the years:

1. Research

Use the Internet to review candidate bios and work histories, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Some keyword research can give you hints on promoting the job. It also helps find the right candidates to reach out to.

2. Discuss Job Perks

Long, drawn out descriptions have no place on social media. People have short attention spans, so list a few job perks a potential candidate may skim on their break. Think about a more visual approach to make key points stand out.

3. Promote Your Brand

Approach recruiting as a marketing strategy to build your audience. Companies are always looking for candidates who are familiar with them. Your tone and message on job postings should sound similar to other posts.

4. Hashtags

Hashtags on social media have been around for just a few years. They’re great for linking to relevant content and can make a company and position visible to a broader audience. Your company may already have lots of candidates following you; hashtags can make your candidate pool more diverse.

5. Social Media Communities

If you belong to LinkedIn and Facebook groups, engage your fellow members. Tell them about possible opportunities and observe conversations. Gauging their personality helps you predict whether they’ll fit in with a particular organization.

6. Keep Creating Content

Create and promote engaging content that reflects your company, its brand, and culture. It should be actively promoted. By expanding your reach, you can attract readers, comments, and potentially new prospective candidates and referrals.

7. Talk About the Company

Whether you actively recruit on social media or not, provide a glimpse into what the company is like. Recruiters are communicators. You have a chance to provide a look into a company’s culture and work environment. This can really help candidates decide to apply.

8. Make Job Posts More Engaging

Ask questions, create polls, or include behind-the-scenes videos in your post. People are more likely to take a few moments to read your words, rather than scroll by. An engaging job post can boost your recruiting success; it just takes more than rough details to do it.

9. Get to Know Each Social Media Platform

Certain types of candidates gravitate to certain platforms. Tech workers love LinkedIn, which is why I talk so much about it. Read through profiles to see who is where. You can then figure out where to spend more of your time, instead of recruiting over every single platform.

10. Get the Right People to Share

Many prospects try finding jobs on social media through reputable sources. That’s a good reason to get investors, advisors, and industry leaders and high-profile individuals to share your job descriptions. They’ll stand out and attract a better talent pool.

11. Complete “The Millionaire Recruiter” e-Course

If you don’t have recruiting experience, my e-Course will teach you everything from the beginning. From resumes and interviews to creating lasting relationships with candidates, to using LinkedIn to your advantage, I cover what you need to get started on a successful ride. Sign up today and learn how to find the right candidates!